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Geopend op: maandag t/m vrijdag van 08:00u - 17:00u


We welcome visitors from abroad in Maastricht and you are most welcome to use our healthcare services. For our address see 'plattegrond' in the lefthand column.

All the doctors and doctor assistants in the practice speak English, most speak German too and some speak French. The practice has achieved the Quality Mark of the The National Association of General Practitioners (LHV/NHG/ NPA).

The practice is open for new patients. If you want to see a doctor it is always necessary to make an appointment, which is usually possible the same day or in the next couple of days. The practice assistant can give you more information by phone. The three doctors each have their own telephone number for making appointments, which are posted in the left top corner of this page: doctor MAAW Heijnen tel 043-3431122, MCC 043-3432590 and doctor PI Meijer 043-3430654.

If you have a Dutch healthcare insurance, you don't have to pay for appointments or other services. The bill is sent to the insurance company electronically without costs for you.

If you have a foreign healthcare insurance you will have to pay us directly and with the receipt you will be reimbursed by your insurance depending on the conditions of your insurance. The costs for one consultation are everywhere in the Netherlands the same: 25.94 euro per consultation with a general practitioner.

If you need healthcare in the evening, night or weekend hours you will need to call the ‘huisartsenpost’ (doctors night care), in which all general practitioners participate. The 'huisartsenpost' is situated at: Debyelaan 25  6229 HX Maastricht in the University Hospital with telephone number 043-3877777. They also speak English and other languages.


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